Jahja Alkhatib

Jahja Alkhatib is a Syrian-Swedish director and photographer who has a passion for telling stories through visual media.

He started his artistic journey as a painter and photographer in Damascus, Syria, where he also worked as a still photographer for the movie “The King of the Sands” in 2012. He then moved to Cairo, Egypt, where he co-directed a documentary about the human rights violations of Syrian refugees in Egyptian prisons, titled “Message from Under the Water” in 2013. In 2014, he relocated to Sweden and worked as a news photographer and filmmaker for various production companies.

He founded his own production company, Synas Media AB, in 2022 and has since been involved in making feature films and short films that explore different aspects of human experience, such as “Our Last Summer in Sweden”, “Stash”, and “Skyddsrummet”. Jahja Alkhatib is a versatile and talented filmmaker who strives to create engaging and meaningful content for his audience.

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